Rock Star Review Team


(No blog needed)

What you need:
* An Amazon and/or GoodReads account
* A Netgalley account

How the reviewer team will work:
* You agree to read and review 3 books a month for us
* We will send you a list of available books for the month
* From that list you will rank them in the order of your interest
* Books will be assigned keeping your interest in mind
* Review copies will be sent (via Netgalley widget) 10-14 days prior to when review is due
* If for some reason you can't give a book 3+ stars, contact us right away and let us know before posting the review
* Once your review goes live, let us know or send us a link to it

What you will get:
* You mean other than reading awesome books every month?
* We will be hosting exclusive review team giveaways once a month
* Winner will be picked between all who complied for the month
* Incentives will be given randomly to reviewers who consistently fulfill their commitments

Remember, you don't have to have a blog to participate! For all of you who run group blogs, or have more than one reviewer, please share this opportunity with everyone in your team!


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Review Team Agreement
  • I Agree
By signing up for the Rock Star Review Team you agree to read and review 3 books per month. If you can't give the book at least 3 stars, let us know as soon as possible. Review copies will be distributed usually via Netgalley (most of the time) and a widget will be sent to you 10-14 days prior to release or expected review to be posted. Links of the live reviews should be sent back to RSLit after posting.
ARCs and Review Copies
  • I Agree
You will be given access to early copies of books via a Netgalley widget (usually) or by having the books sent to your email or Kindle. In some occasions you will receive physical copies (not often). You understand that these ebooks are for your reading only and should not be shared, either with friends or on share sites. Disregard for this rule will get you banned from working with Rock Star PR again.