Master Promo List


What you need:
* A blog or Facebook Page

How the master promo team will work:
* You will basically be signed up to do a promo post for all of our events
* The only time you will need to worry about filing up another sign up form is if you want a review copy
* You will be given a range of dates to get your post up
* At the end of every month we will send you a list of all books that will be touring next month so you can plan your schedule accordingly
* These posts DON'T have to be your top post of the day

What you will get:
* If you choose so, we will ask you to give us 3-5 interview questions that we can have our authors answer specifically for your posts.  Those questions will be in kept in our files and you won't have to do anything else to receive them


Scheduling Contact Person
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Would you like to submit standard interview questions?
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By signing up for the RSLit Master Promo List, I agree that I will post all promotional posts I receive from RSLit for all their events, every month.