We’ve compiled a list of the questions that we hear most often from authors right here.
So take a few moments to see if your question has already been answered here. If not, contact us!

Do you work with published and self published authors?
We work with all sorts of authors – self-published authors, published authors, hybrid authors, (authors who are hiding their manuscripts under their mattress because they think their book is horrible – which it probably isn’t- but we’re more than happy to do an honest critique and let you know). All authors of any genre are welcome here.
I just finished my novel and have NO clue what to do next. Help!
Whether you’re planning to send out your MS to agents or self-publish, we’ll help you with the entire process – from the moment you finish your book, until the moment you publish. Seriously.
As an author, do I really need my own website and social media accounts?
Yes! Your website and social media accounts will help you create a fantastic community of readers who WANT to read your books. It’s one of the most effective ways to communicate with readers.
What is the difference between PR and Marketing?
We are so glad this question has been asked. We LOVE this question. Think of it this way – Marketing is considered to be a paid service. Samples are ads, billboards, commercials and even social media to an extent. PR is a bit different and mostly involves the media in some way. Think of it this way – doing interviews, writing guest posts for influential bloggers, being featured in a magazine, having your book reviewed and mentioned in a famous newspaper – those are ALL things that are considered publicity. In reality, marketing and publicity should work hand in hand to grab your targeted reader base and catch the interest of others.
Do I really need a marketing plan?
We’re of the opinion that you definitely do! Having a clear, concise, goal-oriented marketing plan will save you lots of time and even money in the long run. We hear from authors all the time about how they’ve spent all of this time on Facebook or Twitter but haven’t had positive results. That’s because they haven’t really planned out how to connect or what to say to their fans/readers to hold their interest. We also hear from authors who say “I’ve spent a great deal of money to promote my books, but my sales haven’t increased.” And the number one reason this happens is the lack of a detailed marketing plan.
But… but isn’t creating a marketing plan an expensive endeavor? I’m just a poor author.
As an author you need to look at writing novels/books as a BUSINESS. You’re running a business for yourself and it’s never a good idea to start a business without having a business plan in place. The same goes for a marketing plan. Sure you can write novels and post them on self-publishing channels, but unless something entirely random happens (like your book getting picked up in an algorithm one day), it’s likely you won’t have many readers without any sort of marketing or publicity effort on your part. You should really consider the cost associated with creating a marketing plan that you plan to follow as a business expense that WILL save you time, money and lots of headaches in the future. (And while we’re Rock Stars, we don’t freely give you aspirin without an order from a doctor!)
I’ve published my book but so far no one is buying it. Why?
Our answer is always – what have you done to get your books in front of readers? Simply putting your book up for sale is not enough to grab readers. This is where we come in to assist along the way.
I want to make the NYT bestsellers list with my very first book. Can you help me with that?
Being honest here – probably not. However, what we can do for you is get your first book in front of readers so that you can start growing a dedicated fan-base. The larger your fan-base, the more books you sell, the more likely you are to end up on bestseller lists.
Ugh – I just signed up for an author event. I hate to travel and need some help now.
Here’s our answer – we can help with that! We can help you book your travel arrangements, stay in contact with the event coordinator to find out exactly what’s required of you, help you figure out much swag to bring with you. Heck, we can design your swag for you! We have graphic designers who will ROCK your socks right off and we also have contacts and relationships with merchandisers that we can work with to get you the best possible deal on your swag. All you’ll have to do is pack your bags and by that I mean your suitcases, print your boarding passes and head off to the airport. (Sorry we can’t actually help you pack your luggage – touching other people’s knickers so aren’t our thing – plus we’re virtual, so it would be hard to do via the phone or internet. However, if you really need it, we’ll help you create a packing list and send you reminders along the way!)
I really can’t spell. Can you copy-edit my novel?
Certainly! We can actually help you with content/development editing, line editing, copy-editing, proofing etc.
What do you think of my book cover?
Book covers can make or break your book. Your cover needs to convey “something” about your book to potential readers. It also needs to be “pretty”. It’s been proven time and again that having a great cover can increase your book sales by leaps and bounds. The first thing a potential reader sees is your cover!