Expose: Crash Series, Vol 3

Expose: Crash Series, Vol 3
Date of Publication:
October 7, 2016

The thrilling conclusion to the CRASH trilogy as told from The Stranger's point of view.

The first time I saw Laney I thought she was dead in the wreckage of that plane crash. She was still and pale, her hair tumbled around her face as she slumped slightly to the side. Like a perfect porcelain doll on a little chair, and I thought it was a waste of such a beautiful face. But then her eyes popped open and they were filled with pain and fear.

I knew that look. It was the look of every animal that has been hunted and hasn't died yet. She was the fox with her leg in the trap, and I freed her from the seat crushing her foot, picked her up and took her home. 

I am the hunter. She is the prey. 

No one can trap her but me, her captor, but danger is coming. I need to plan very carefully how to save Laney's sexy little ass and keep her all to myself. 

She thinks she is love with me, and maybe she is. I hope she is. Because I love her too, even if I have a strange way of showing it...

All his secrets are exposed as he and Laney's erotic relationship reaches its climax in the Alaskan tundra. 

For mature readers only. EXPOSE follows CRASH and HIDE- the series should be read in order for maximum enjoyment. 

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Drew Jordan

Drew Jordan has always liked the dark, mysterious, and sexy, and she wrote CRASH after a writer friend challenged her to "write without rules." She lives in Miami Beach, the opposite of snowy Alaska, a fact she is grateful for every day in January.

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Expose: Crash Series, Vol 3
Drew Jordan

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